Letter To Bank Manager For Closing Account | Bank Account Close Application

Suppose you are going through a personal issue and you want to close your savings account. Now you have to write a letter to the branch manager to close the account or fill out a bank account close application. Through this application, you can apply to the branch manager to get back the amount.

Letter To Bank Manager For Closing Account


The Branch Manager

SBI India


Sub: Letter to Bank Manager For Closing Account


I, Rahul Sharma, hold a savings account in your branch with account number 125799****. I have been a customer for four years, and I have enjoyed my experience.

I would like to close my account as I am not able to maintain the savings account for some personal reasons. Please provide the available amount in cash.

Account Holder Name: Rahul Sharma

Account Number: 125799****. 

Branch Name: Chaya Pur Branch

Branch IFSC Code: QRECF***

Thanking you 

Yours faithfully 

Rahul Sharma



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