Teachers Day Celebration in School Report Writing

Question: Write a short report on the observance of Teachers' Day in your school 

Points: Date, time, place - a meeting held-contributions-participation - how the function was conducted.

Report Writing on Teachers Day Celebration in School

Teachers' Day Observed in School

Reported by Arindam Ray N.S.B.K  School, Kolkata September 06.06.2022

The Teachers' Day was observed in our school on 5th September with due respect through a variety of colorful programs. Long before the day of the function, the students had been busy preparing to make the day a success. The function was inaugurated by the Ex-headmaster of the school, who in his short but impressive speech paid homage to the founder-father of the institution and other educationists for their untiring zeal and ceaseless efforts to make the school an ideal one. 

A friendly football match was also arranged between the teachers and the students on that day. The significance of the Teachers' Day lies in establishing a sweet relationship between the teachers and the taught. According to the students, such a function goes a long way to renewing the sweet and sacred relationship between them.

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