Self Help Is The Best Help Short Paragraph Writing

Self Help Is The Best Help Short Paragraph Writing

 Self Help is the Best Help 

Once a carter was passing through a village path with a bullock cart burdened with heavy crops. It was the rainy season. Suddenly the wheels of the cart sank into the mud. The carter tried to take the cart out of the soft mud. So he whipped the bullocks. But the wheels did not come out. 

Then he whipped the bullocks more bitterly. But all his effort were in vain. Being disappointed he gave up and prayed to the God of strength for help. God appeared, but he did not help the carter. Instead, he asked the carter to put his shoulder to the wheel. Following the advice, the carter put his shoulder to the wheel. 

The bullocks pulled and the carter pushed. With this collective effort, the cart came out of the mud and started moving. The God of strength smiled at carter and said, “Remember, my son, self-help is the best help". Carter was ashamed and he learned a new lesson in his life.

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